All the data. On one place. On one click

Analyzing a Real Estate project became simpler. snapland's technology allows you to deep dive into your due diligence data checking process and takes your decisions easier and faster with more data and assurance

  • one file Information about the parcel's current status and future development potential: One technical report that analyses master plans, zoning, planning policy, and urban renewal plans.
  • descion Get all the data for a Go/Nogo decision at a click of a button and save resources and time to visit multiple data sources and websites.
  • intrests Understand a property's location in the city and how far it is from points of interest without wasting time on measuring on maps.
  • alert Adding any address or plot to your favorites lets you stay up to date with any changes to the data related to that address (permits in the area, transactions, approved plans, etc.).
  • data In addition to our constantly updated data, our reports include information on permits in the area, master plans in the approval stage, and current information on transactions.
  • info We provide the most recent information on real estate transactions as well as average and median prices for various types of properties.
  • 3D Turning data into 3D: Find out all the critical details surrounding the deal you are considering: metro and light rail lines, building heights in the area, construction potential, and land use according to the outline or relevant policy, and much more.
  • time Save valuable time: all information is organized, categorized, and linked in one place. We provide you with all the details you need, plus links to the websites relevant to your inquiry.
  • visibality User experience is essential: Use snapland reports to present all the information along the way in an innovative, uniform language and in one location.
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How does it work?



Snapland's search engine collects data 24/7 from dozens of sources into one platform. This data includes insights about the actual status of the property, delivered building permits in the area, recent deals made around the address, average price per square and statistics. You will also find assessors’ reports, legal insights, public transportation and demographic data.



By leveraging automated processes, machine learning and artificial intelligence, snapland's system generates data from offline sources. Thanks to automated processes and AI, snapland automatically updates its maps, schemas and PDF links, such as building rights policies, into future urban plans, which allows us to create unique data.



Creating an ID for every parcel and building on Snapland's platform. Just like that, in one click, you could work with all the data we gathered from different sources, added to the data we created. Thanks to this work, you will understand your real estate projects better, gain insights and in-depth knowledge that doesn't exist anywhere else.