Prospecting Became Simpler

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We create filters from data, providing you the ability to pinpoint the opportunity you are looking for.

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Surrounding Matters

We know that “near-by” data is crucial for every real estate decision-making process. Besides looking at the demographic, commercial, and development trends near the property, snapland also lets you search for opportunities that fit the “near-by” criteria you’re looking for.
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Easy Access to Planning & Zoning Info

Looking elsewhere is a waste of time. In snapland every plot is re-analyzed, zoning and permit info is organized and fully informative.
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snapland Predicts

Based on your ongoing usage, snapland will accurately predict properties that suit your professional persona.
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Market and language are not an obstacle. Our platform can be modified and adopt in any market and in every language.

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Decision Making Data

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Know all current property data, e.g. sq/f build, floors, apartments, usage, entrances,etc.
Develop the future. With Snapland you can easily see the plot's building rights, zoning use,
number of floors and units, relevant planning applied, parking, facilities, diameters, etc.
Know the true worth of every property. We can show you transaction history,
valuations history, and predict future worth based on direct and in-direct parameters.
Real Estate professionals knows that properties are affected by exogenous information,
e.g. Academia, Unemployment, Voting, Race, Income Level, etc.
Beside basic contact details and ownership type, you can see legal data such as mortgage, solvency, foreclosures, etc.

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